Public Relations

Managing the flow of information between companies, organization or government agencies and the Kurdish public requires understanding the cultural codes of the Kurdish society.  From outside it is Conservative, Primitive and Consumers society. From inside it is Colorful, Happy, Relaxing and Hospitable. In the past two decades many Kurds has been affected by the Islamic wave that swept over the Middle East and moved towards religious conservatism as it is seen from outside but looking inside, the picture is different. Still in order to reach Kurds one has to take Islam into consideration without losing the opportunity to many advantages in a region which is expanding.

Unlike the West where business are based on choosing the best in the first place, the Kurdish society is build on connections, social networks and discreet activities outside the picture.

How do we work?
We promote our clients’ interests and contribute to more and better business
We know how news is created
We create public opinion and interest for a particular issue.
We work for long-term results.
We make your message reach people through events such as seminars, surveys, roundtables, readings and previews.


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