No market is too small to do business at, to succeed a company should try the market.

Society in Kurdistan is traditional and is based mostly on the experience of others. Thus the individual’s experience of a certain product is the ground for the product to have good marketing. It is strange how people in Kurdistan defending their purchases of certain products and enter into heated arguments in defense of their choice. So companies that succeed in marketing their product and convince the customer will succeed big.

The most remarkable phenomena that has evolved here is about old and new. The cash flow has reached certain heights here that people nowadays talk only about the old and new model after only one to two years of trials of a certain product.

LG of South Korea
Shortly after the beginning of this century had dominance over the market in Kurdistan after it had built a good reputation in the late 90’s. At that time people use to buy it despite the price. We do not know the background to LG’s dominance neither how it came to Kurdistan. But the more money began to flow into Kurdistan after the fall of Saddam Hussein, the LG as a brand gone backwards. Now many cheap brands dominate the market in Kurdistan and still they are not cheap considering the quality.

LG has failed overall to defend its market in Kurdistan because they relied on the fact that people will buy anyway. They do not think that people will learn about other brands, and start thinking “We should strengthen our brand”.

Arçelik of Turkey
Neighborhood ties between Kurdistan and Turkey has made Kurdistan rely heavily on Turkish Industry, including electronics and white goods. Arcelik has been dominate a time and still have a strong presence but is losing the war against all odd brands coming from China, pirated brands.

As we see it, the Arçelik brand will lose its position in the Kurdish market if not already has reached that point. It is not enough to live on old-time greatness.


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